Breakfast at Nalu is about considered and creative comfort food. Healthy options sit beside the more decedent fare and a number of set breakfast menus make navigating the post caffeine hours of the day far easier. Breakfast signatures are given the utmost respect and are soon to be the most talked-about dishes in town. Nalu’s take on shakshuka, eggs benedict and the humble Khanom Jeen is sure to keep mouths moving long after the last bite.


    Think smokey cuts of grilled meat, burgers with the flavour of North American BBQ combined with a New York deli somewhere in South East Asia. This is comfort food unlike anything in Phuket. A library of house-made pickles will bring freshness to the plates as well as marry perfectly with smoked meats, vibrant salads or grilled seafood.


    As the sun sets and light comes down the food takes a more refined and delicate approach to fireside cooking. While still casual in its delivery and highlighting the natural grill, the food is restrained and with a global influence. Small plates perfect for sharing make way to the larger dishes and of course, the grill offers a variety of sumptuous delights.


    Everything involving sugar has an element of playfulness. From an apple crumble, a matcha and white chocolate milkshake or a baked vanilla cheesecake, sugar is supposed to be fun and that is exactly the vibe we are going for. A classic milkshake maker behind the bar. A mile-high slice of chocolate cake. Slabs of grilled pineapple laced in a Cointreau caramel and lime zest. This is the very definition of uninhibited gluttony!

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