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    Chef Alex Bio

    Chef Alexander Oddy was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria, arguably one of the worlds’ great restaurant cities. He first stepped into the professional kitchen at the age of 16 and immediately new it was where his future lay. “I can’t put my finger on exactly why I feel so at home in restaurant kitchens,” says Alex. “I would guess that it is because they are a place of purpose. For a kid that was sorely lacking direction, it was so fulfilling to have that purpose. That drive.”

    While he cut his teeth in cafes and restaurants, it wasn’t until he took a job at Rockpool Bar & Grill in Melbourne that Alex truly saw the light. “The chefs, the kitchen, the produce, the restaurant,” he reflects, “It was inspiring. Working for a renowned chef with a team of insanely talented kitchen and restaurant professionals, with such incredible produce. It was an exceptionally important part of my time as a cook.

    With over 20 years working in kitchens, Alex has joined Outrigger as executive chef of the newly opened properties in Surin and Khao Lak. They are unique in both location and culinary offering. “Khao Lak is more of a traditional resort experience. We have a stunning beachfront location and at Edgewater the food is going to be all about flavor, comfort and enjoying the surroundings. Why complicate things? We’ve got a beautiful pizza oven in there that is going to be knocking out incredible pizzas and I am really looking forward to that.”

    Surin will be the home of Nalu Bar & Grill, a blend of urban sophistication and seaside living. Dominating the open kitchen will be a custom built woodfire grill. “You could say I’ve come full circle in a way,” Alex laughs. I’ve been dreaming about an open fire grill for years and Outrigger have made my dreams come true. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, whether a dish has a north American BBQ technique, an Asian influence or a South American flair, the food will be firmly rooted in bold flavors, perfectly balanced and with a whisper, or shout, of the fire.”

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